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TechCello’s Multi-tenancy Framework for a Leading EPC Services Provider

Our customer is a Fortune 400 company which is headquartered in the US and spread across Asia, Africa and Australia. They are a leading infrastructure solutions provider that includes engineering, procurement and construction services for the electric power, oil and gas industries, both onshore and offshore.




Digital Management Platform for a Leading Global Accounting Firm

Our customer is one of the Big 4 Accounting firms with a global network of professional firms providing Audit, Tax and Advisory services with 174,000+ professionals delivering value in over 155 countries.




TechCello powers US based HealthCare ISV’s SaaS subscription business

A US based healthcare solution provider that offers technological solutions to capture, exchange and analyse data, enabling outpatient facilities to optimize revenue. More than 35,000 healthcare professionals use their services.




Joint Partner Collateral - Techcello & Microsoft Azure ISV DataSheet

Microsoft Azure is an open and flexible cloud platform that enables you to quickly build, deploy, scale, and manage applications across a global network of Microsoft data centres.

Techcello has partnered with Microsoft Azure Cloud to simplify the process developing multi-tenant SaaS Applications for Microsoft Azure.



Techcello & Microsoft Azure ISV Mini Case Study

Techcello is a .NET-based, multitenant SaaS application development framework with SaaS engineering, operational, and management components ready-to-use with Microsoft Azure’s secure cloud platform.

Using Techcello ISVs can save a lot of time, effort, and budget by using these components, focusing on building their core competencies. The final solution can be deployed directly on the Microsoft Azure cloud. With Techcello and Azure, ISVs need not worry about underlying SaaS and cloud engineering management.



Windows Azure Deployment - Cloud based Business Management Solution

A Customer built a Cloud based Business Management Solution for Small and Medium Businesses leveraged Cello framework to build .Net based Multi Tenant SaaS Application and chosen Windows Azure as the cloud deployment partner.

An Integrated multi tenant SaaS based Sales, HR and Finance product built to serve huge concurrent user base requires a well equipped, scalable cloud platform which can scale to any heights. The Key SLAs of the product were Availability, Fault Tolerance, Security and Superior Performance which are only possible with highly secured, elastic, scalable, virtualized and cost effective cloud providers such as Microsoft Windows Azure.



Migration to Cloud and SaaS : Invision Software AG - Germany

InVision Software is a world-leading supplier of enterprise-wide workforce management solutions which enable companies to optimise their staff planning and scheduling processes. InVision currently employs about 170 WFM specialists and has offices across Europe, North America, and South Africa. Among InVision's clients are numerous international blue chip companies, such as ABN Amro, Allianz, BMW, Deutsche Telekom, IKEA, Sky and Vodafone.

InVision was able to move to a cloud based SaaS model within a few weeks, without spending too much time or Capex. The Techcello framework gave them all the engineering and operational components required for Multi-tenant SaaS in a ready to use form. Techcello also allowed them to start with partial Multi-tenancy and move gradually towards full Multi-tenancy.

Download, a Cloud based Business Management Solution – Rofarez Solutions

Rofarez Solutions, a micro ISV based in Malaysia was on a mission to provide cloud based applications for small and medium business (SMBs) at an incredibly affordable price. Focused to equip easily accessible Integrated Sales, HR and Financial applications that will empower SMBs to run their business more efficiently.

CelloSaaS, a proven and tested Multi Tenant Application Development Framework helped the customer to build a reliable, scalable and highly available business solution. Cello Multi Tenant architecture and ready to use components bootstrapped the development activity, rather than starting the application from zero, they were able to start at least from 40% base and start developing the business functionalities from day 1.



Benefit Administration Platform for Secova - a large US based HRO

Secova is an US based HRO firm offering benefit administration services to America's leading corporations. They process more than 60 million eligibility records, $700 million in healthcare premiums, and manage over 450 vendor/carrier relationships annually on behalf of their clients.

A complex and flexible Benefits Administration Platform (BAS) was developed with an architecture that was Multi-tenant, Scalable and Cloud Ready. The BAS platform built on top of Techcello, can be set up and configured for a new client within a few days. Operations and Business managers can customize the benefit plans, eligibility rules, user permissions, access control policies and form views to suit the requirements of each client.



Tenant Provisioning and Billing Solution for Easysoft

Our Customer is a leading legal software provider for more than 3 decades; they offer desktop based Time & Billing Software for small, medium and large Legal Firms in US. TechCello Business Edition was used to manage the tenants and their invoicing requirements. Integration with TechCello was completed in less than 10 days, which helped our customers hit the market faster.



Subscriber Management and Billing Platform for Pay-TV, IPay Industry – Duo Software

Duo Software is an established Subscriber Management and Billing solution provider for Pay-TV, ISP and Triple play industry providers and has secured a significant market share in the industry managing millions of subscribers. They provide tools needed to launch and scale any subscription service quickly and affordably.

CelloSaaS, a .Net based Multi Tenant Application Development Framework, helped the customer to realize their vision of building an upgraded version their current offerings within the given stringent time line and hit the market. With CelloSaaS, their developers were able to concentrate more on Business aspects and less of cross cutting concerns such as Security, Data Access, Auditing, Exception management etc.



Docubynd, Cloud based Document Management System for Real Estate & Financial Services

Customer is a member of Brokerage firm North American Asset Management; LLC (NAAM) which serves the real estate and financial service industries. NAAM had a requirement to build a unified on-demand document management system to process and maintain huge volume of heterogeneous data such as printed documents, PDFs, digital media etc to be easily searched, retrieved, and repurposed for delivery to any desktop or mobile device.

Docubynd, a patent pending Document management system designed for asset managers, investors, owners, and lenders access to large volumes of printed data, while satisfying rigorous compliance standards and assemble and disseminate the information through customized eBook binders. The Product was built by a Digital Publishing pioneer and IT services company in US. The product was initially built in a single tenant model i.e. running separate instance for each customer.



BPO Platform - Fare Audit Automation System

Our Customer is a Business Process Outsourcing and Technology Enabled services pioneer providing measurable results across Banking & Financial Services, Insurance, Technology, Telecommunications, Retail, Healthcare, Travel, and Government markets. Established in 1986, this US-based company employs over 30,000 professionals in 31 Global Delivery Centers worldwide, serving some of the most successful brands in the world. They combine front office contact centre and back-office processes called integrated BPO, their innovative outsourcing services are currently being used to support financial services, Technological, Healthcare and Aviation companies worldwide.



Synergita, a SaaS based HR Talent Management System

Aspire systems Pvt Limited, an Indian based Start-up built Talent Management System named Synergita for SMBs and Large Enterprises. Synergita is a SaaS based product focused on bringing affordable talent & performance management solutions to every organization. Having seen the challenges that HR professionals goes through in managing talent in several different organizations and the need to bring the performance management and feedback systems more closely to the business and people.



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