General Section

What is CelloSaaS? CelloSaaS is a cloud ready multi-tenant application development/integration framework for SaaS and Enterprises. CelloSaaS Offers several pre-built modules that heavy lifts most of the complex, non-functional requirement and operational needs of an application. ISVs and Enterprises can easily integrate these modules of CelloSaaS with their applications in a ready to use form (API, WCF services and inheritable classes). This will allow you to focus on building just the business functionalities. Applications built/integrated using CelloSaaS can be hosted anywhere from public cloud (such as amazon, azure) or private cloud to on premise servers.

How can I do it at half the cost and time? CelloSaaS has 30+ modules (Security, Configurability, Multi-Tenancy, business rules, workflow, etc.), which are pretty much common across applications. These common NFRs typically constitute 30-50% of your requirements. Therefore, you can straight away save upto 50% in cost and time by using CelloSaaS.

Do I need to rewrite my entire product? No. CelloSaaS is completely built with Service Oriented Architecture in mind, which allows the developers/architects to consume only the services that are required for their solution. This plug & play model allows very easy integration of CelloSaaS to both existing as well as new solutions.

Do you provide hosting services as well? No. We can help you in deploying your solution in the cloud environment of your choice. One of the primary advantage that CelloSaaS provide is the flexibility to host your solution in any cloud of your choice. Solutions built or integrated using CelloSaaS can be hosted in Amazon, Azure, Rackspace (any public cloud), private cloud or on-premise environments. CelloSaaS's adapters ensure that your solution can leverage the services offered by the target deployment environment.

How long does it take for my developers to learn your framework? It takes less than 3 days for developers to get comfortable using the framework. Our training program structure consists of Class Room/Online Sessions and hands-on assignments, which can enable the developers to get a good hold of the framework. We also provide surplus materials in the form of Developers guide, API Documents, Videos and Step by Step How-To s with sample code. Request the access for CelloSaaS Knowledge Base.

Am I locked with your framework? Never. We are an alternate to solutions that have "vendor lock-in". When you purchase CelloSaaS, we provide you with the binaries/DLLs along with a Multi Tenant BAse solution that can be deployed in any environment. We also have an option for you to procure the source code with edit rights. Contact our Sales team for more information.


How do I get started with CelloSaaS ? CelloSaaS provides a simple visual studio plugin which installs CelloSaaS Template in the developer machine; Developers can start developing Multi-Tenant SaaS/Enterprise application by creating a project using CelloSaaS Template just like creating an MVC/Web Forms Project. When you create a new project using the CelloSaaS. CelloSaaS package, the initial MVC layers of your product are created on top of the CelloSaaS stack. Basic features such as logging, caching, membership management and user authentication mechanisms are already implemented and ready to use. You can start adding your business modules. It is quite simple to add new modules, classes and pages to module.

Technical Functionality of CelloSaaS

How is security implemented in CelloSaaS ? CelloSaaS Security Architecture provides 360° degree Security for the SaaS Solution, Security is provided at menu level, page level, data level and BL method level. This is controlled by the login user, permission and the role set for the user. CelloSaaS provides field level security as well.

Is my user interface limited in any way or do I have to follow any particular user Interface guidelines? Developers are free to use user interface of their choice like ASP.NET WebForms, ASP.NET MVC, Razor(CSHTML), NHaml, Spark etc but not just limited to this, they can also harness rich content frameworks like Flash or Silverlight by consuming the CelloSaaS APIs and Services.

CelloSaaS Usage Scenarios

Is CelloSaaS a virtualization technology? Is CelloSaaS a PaaS ? No, CelloSaaS is not a virtualization technology. Its strength lies in its robust multi-tenant architecture and 30 + out of the box non-functional requirements. CelloSaaS is a Development Framework with all the necessary plumbing, infrastructure and operational features required for a robust engineering layer. CelloSaaS is not a PaaS either. It does not create any proprietary run time environment nor does it support 4GL type drag and drop development tools. It instead provides all the engineering blocks required for custom development in a ready to use and easy to upgrade productized form.

Does CelloSaaS host SaaS applications? No. Products and applications built on CelloSaaS's engineering stack can be hosted anywhere. From your own dedicated hardware, to shared data centres. They can also be hosted on private or public clouds.

Where can I purchase CelloSaaS products and services? CelloSaaS products and services can be purchased by dropping an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or ask us to contact you by filling our contact form.

Who are the actual users of CelloSaaS? CelloSaaS is intended to be used by developers and technical architects. Developers need not spend time on designing and building infrastructure / plumbing layer, but focus directly on business requirements from Day 1. CelloSaaS's SOA based approach and Robust APIs makes "0" learning curve for the developers so developers can pick up in a very short time. All that the developers need to do is use CelloSaaS as a development template / framework and start building/integrate their product on top of it.

Return on Investment

I want to port an application to the SaaS model via CelloSaaS, how long will it take me? It depends on various factors like size of the product, numbers of tables, pages involved, existing coding etc. We have developed this framework keeping the engineering challenges in mind for SaaS providers. Close to about 30-40% of engineering functionalities are common across different SaaS solutions. Yet everyone begins the development from basics.

The amount of time it takes to port is highly dependent on the size and complexity of your application. Given that you would have to port your application to SaaS anyway, CelloSaaS provides the fastest path to SaaS since the port requirements are fairly minimal.

Why should I use CelloSaaS to build my organization's applications? The most important reason is your ROI (Return On Investment). CelloSaaS enables you to save upto 30% of development time, 50 % of saving on Development cost (includes architectural and design services) and upto 70% on Total Cost of Ownership (includes maintenance and future enhancements).

CelloSaaS employs a single code base! Here is a partial list of other reasons for developing CelloSaaS :
CelloSaaS easily connects to any SQL database
Can connect to multiple SQL databases at the same time
CelloSaaS built applications are completely cross-platform

Use our ROI calculator to understand more about savings you can achive.

How do you say that there is no vendor lock-in? Once you buy CelloSaaS, you are free to develop/integrate the business functionalities on top of it, either in-house or by outsourcing (near shore / offshore / tier-1 / tier 3). You can host your application on your own dedicated hardware or in a shared hosting environment (Data centre) or with any cloud providers such as Amazon and Azure. You can maintain and upgrade your application yourself or using any vendor as CelloSaaS is built on .Net. CelloSaaS additionally provide AMC support (optional) for CelloSaaS (the productized engineering layer), including free upgrades and updates. You can also opt for source code licensing at any time in the future for a pre-agreed price. And most importantly CelloSaaS does not create any proprietary run time environment. It retains the programming models and RTE of the underlying .Net technology stack.

What are the terms for source code licensing? We provide free support for the first one year and subsequently we provide continued support and free upgrades for an annual fee. If you want to be free of all dependencies, you can opt for source code license at a later date for a pre-agreed price. However, once you take control of the source code, you may not be able to benefit from subsequent upgrades and new features released by CelloSaaS. For the price of source code license, please contact us,

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