When a Cloud Ready Multi-tenant SaaS application is developed using the Techcello framework, it inherits an architectural blue print and engineering structure that is proven and tested. But the developers will still retain the flexibility, freedom and control to modify and extend the capabilities to suit their application’s requirement. In addition, the SaaS platform stack also provides many ready to use engineering and operational components in the form of APIs and WCF services.



The following stack diagram provides a high level view of the various modules in TechCello. All the modules are loosely coupled, which allows them to be used either as a whole or individual modules. TechCello has weaved in multi-tenancy across all these modules and hence, developers need not worry too much about handling tenant level security.




Techcello framework comes with a powerful application accelerator that can speed up the development of SaaS applications. There are pre-built code templates to enable rapid development of Applications and APIs with in-built support for micro services architecture and cloud deployment.




Plug & Play

TechCello’s architecture is designed to work in a plug and play model. This gives a great level of flexibility for the SaaS application to consume only the modules that are needed. Moreover, even existing products can use these modules without reengineering. Modules can be integrated through API/Web Services. Once integrated they can be configured using TechCello’s administration portal.


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