[Webinar] Successful Migration to Microservice - Why, When and How?

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Pushing the Boundaries of High Performance

With its substantial benefits and greater flexibility, SaaS is redesigning the way organizations are doing business. Adding microservices and cloud to the already potent mix has made it into a high-performance engine business and IT has been waiting for. Techcello is one such offering by Aspire that provides our customer with extended usability benefits by improving operational efficiency and minimizing cost. Techcello, provides our customers with defined perspectives on SaaS strategy, planning, execution and operation.


Use Case

You currently are selling your application in a SaaS module. You have growing number of customers. While your business features are strong, your onboarding process is pretty slow and cumbersome. You are not able to provide a seamless signup and self-service experience to your customers. Tracking customer subscription is manual and is error prone. Because of this, the customers are frustrated. If you want to build all these things yourself, then this is going to consume much effort and cost. In addition, this is going to divert you from concentrating on building your business features. These modules also are going to need huge maintenance efforts. In summary, your journey could like this

As you can see this exercise takes significant time, cost and expertise. Moreover, these components have no connection to your business and as this is common for anyone building a SaaS based application. This does not stop with building; you need to keep maintaining, bug fixing and enhancing these components at additional cost and effort, which is going to diverge your focus from building your business specific features. With Techcello, this entire equation becomes like the following:

Techcello understands that one size does not fit all. That is why Techcello offers implementation service to integrate this module as per your specific needs. We have implemented this to multiple of our customers and hence have the expertise to effectively implement this for you.

Over a long run Techcello offers even more benefits because you don’t have the need to maintain the features and components which are not specific to your domain. You can upgrade to latest versions of Techcello periodically to benefit from the new industry advancements.

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