[Webinar] Successful Migration to Microservice - Why, When and How?

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Using Techcello’s Multi-tenant Application framework we were able to quickly move to a Cloud based SaaS model within 6 weeks. The framework gave us all the engineering and operational components required for Multi-tenant SaaS in a ready to use form. It also allowed us to take a phased approach of starting with partial Multi-tenancy and moving gradually towards full Multi-tenancy.

Andreas Defeld
Director of Development, Invision Software AG - Germany

Techcello’s innovative technologies enhance the Microsoft .NET ecosystem and help provide Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 developers the tools they need to successfully build and deploy cloud-based applications

Tom Lindeman
Director, Visual Studio Industry Partner (VSIP) Program, Microsoft

It has always been a challenge to ideate and deliver the innovative technology for the fast paced media industry. This was the key to choose Techcello as the framework for our products and especially the Billing & Subscription platform that we build for Pay-tv, Triple Play and ISP Players in the market . The end user configurable components such as Workflow, Business Rules, Reporting etc, as well as the fine grained Security offered by the framework, Tenant Management, Metering, the scalable architecture and ready to use administrative screen helped us to reduce the development time drastically and increase productivity thereby save both time and money. In fact, we were able to realize more saving than what was claimed by Techcello

Sanka Hanangalaarachchi
Product Development Manager, Duo Software

The Multi-tenant Application Development framework, provided by Techcello, brought down the architectural and framework development efforts for the Secova Benefit Administration Platform by as much as 80%. By using the ready to use features, the Aspire team was able to focus on building the business functionalities.

Shankar Balasubramanian
Vice President - Technology, Secova, India

Our company, Rofarez Solutions is a software development company that is developing a cloud based employee and business management portal. We were looking for a cloud development framework that would enable us to reduce our time to market and release our products quickly and efficiently. After many months of research we decided to select TechCello as our development framework.
Our experience with your team has been very positive. They are quick to respond to any inquiries and it has been a pleasure to work with you and your technical team. The TechCello framework itself is well designed and we have managed to reduce our development work by at least 50%-70%. It has allowed us to be more efficient and put focus on developing our product

Reza Ismail
CEO, Rofarez Solutions Malaysia

We are a start-up having an young team of 10 people with development experience ranging from 1 to 3 years. We did not have an architect. We entirely relied on the Multi-tenant Development framework provided by Techcello to build a scalable cloud ready application that is now live at Amazon AWS. Our developers built only the domain specific features related to Talent and Performance Management. We were also able to extensively leverage the Access Control and Configuration features of Techcello to create an enterprise class SaaS product that can be set up and implemented for any organization of any size, without having to make code level customization.

Kavitha Kalyana Sundaram
Development Manager, Asteor. India

The overall architecture of techcello product helps us to design the project very effectively and reduces the significant amount of development time. The features like data model extension, Grid customization and pickup list management helps us to implement it easily.

Puneet Dikshit
Vice President, Platform Projects, Sutherland Global Services

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