Successful Migration to Microservices- Why, When, and How?


Enterprise use of Microservices is on the rise. By breaking large applications down into small, independently functioning services, Microservices enable advances in agility and flexibility for developers. This webinar will discuss how Microservices work and will cite examples and suggested practices to help ensure the successful adoption of Microservices architecture. We will discuss about APIs in Microservices architectures and look at how helpful an API management platform can be. To successfully adopt Microservices, you must understand and make deliberate decisions that impact how your organization approaches this new style of application development. If you are adopting DevOps, using Microservices is a faster, more efficient way to provide your clients with what they need.

This webinar gives you an overview of the key decisions you will make at both the business level and at the project level. Before implementing a Microservices-based application strategy, you first evaluate your business readiness and make the necessary business-level decisions to ensure the long-term success of your project. Compared to the traditional monolithic approach, a Microservices strategy involves several different forms of business investment, including financial investments, an investment in the culture of your workplace, and an investment in new development and operations. However, Microservices-based architecture has achieved popularity among thought leaders due to the recent digital technology surge.


The webinar offers prescriptive guidance to help you make enduring decisions around the successful development of a Microservices-style application for your organization. This wholesome webinar helps to reduce the operational expenses up to 10 times, increase the trail conversions by 40%, reduce customer churn, implementation time and cost by 50%, increase the product value & customer’s lifetime value and save over 50% in the overall engineering budget. Let’s peek inside and discuss the following decision topics and offer practical guidance for how to achieve them.

Key Takeaways:

  • Successful deployment of Microservices-based applications for continuous optimization
  • Ensure ongoing resilient operation for Microservices applications
  • Adopt Process Changes for administrative and operational best practices

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