[Webinar] Successful Migration to Microservice - Why, When and How?

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Harnessing the Power of Microservices and Cloud to Deliver Efficiency

In recent years, we have seen plenty of examples where SaaS has changed the way organizations do their business. With efficient applications, enhanced productivity and improved collaboration capabilities SaaS has modernized the business architecture. By bringing cloud and microservices in the already efficient mix continuous delivery and deployment has become the new norm.

With Techcello, Aspire has moved beyond just offering single or multi-tenant migration. We provide multiple product line offering improving modularity and making applications easier to develop and test enabling our customers to create, deploy and scale their services independently. Techcello offers agility, elasticity, improved cost predictability while enhancing security and better operational control.


Usecase: Multi Product Offering

You are offering a product suit to your customers and in order to execute your SaaS operations across different product lines efficiently, you need additional capabilities in your solution to manage these in an automated manner.

For example, you need

  • The ability for your customer to SSO to multiple applications

  • A Single pane to manage the identities and access rights across all your applications

  • A Single pane to manage the subscriptions

  • A solid self-service portal, where customers can manage their subscriptions themselves

  • A solid self-service portal where customers can manage their users themselves

  • The ability to audit activities of all your applications from a single pane

  • To be able to manage the customer communications for all your applications from a central single pane

You might be doing these manually or having these modules in bits and pieces. However, this might not be operating as efficiently as you would expect and you might be experiencing customer dissatisfaction and operational overhead. If you were to build all these or enhance your existing modules as per your need, it is going to need extensive effort. Building these modules also is going to need deep expertise in this area. In summary, your journey could look like this

As you can see, this takes significant time, cost and expertise to do these activities. In addition, these components have no connection to your business and this feature is common for anyone building a base SaaS application.

Even if you have these modules currently, this does not stop with building, you need to keep maintaining, bug fixing and enhancing these components at additional cost and effort, which is going to diverge your focus from building your business specific features.

Techcello understands that one size does not fit all. That is why Techcello offers implementation service to integrate this module as per your specific needs. We have implemented this to multiple of our customers and hence have the expertise to effectively implement this for you.

With Techcello this entire equation becomes like:

In just three simple steps, Techcello offers more benefit that any other multi-product line offerings. With Techcello, you are given the completely free from continuous maintenance of features and components not specific to your domain. Moreover, your Techcello comes with periodical upgrades of latest versions, which is an added benefit for you to stay updated according to current market trends and advancements.


Business Benefits

Techcello provides our customers with:

  • Instant and automated setup

  • Self-serving software configuration

  • Lowed cost through fewer infrastructure scaling implications

  • Shared infrastructure that enhances process efficiency and cost savings

  • Minimized maintenance fees due to Techcello roll out of new features and updates often included with SaaS subscription

  • Easily customizable and upgradable architecture because the underlying codebase need not be changed


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