Part 1 : Simplifying SaaS & Multi-tenant Application Development

A lot has been written about SaaS as a business model for monetizing software applications. But there is another dimension to SaaS – which is the technical and architectural dimension. If we have to host a separate server instance for each customer, if we have to maintain a separate code base for each customer, it still remains an ASP model not SaaS.

o SaaS automatically implies Multi-tenancy, Configurability, Scalability and a distributed Data Architecture. And a tenant need not mean a customer. Countries, Distributors or SBUs could be virtual tenants with a hierarchical relationship with the actual customers / user groups using the application. Whether it is for an ISV, Enterprise or Government, whether it is for hosting on-premise, private cloud or public cloud, techcello knows the real challenges of engineering a Multi-tenant SaaS application in all its depth and complexity.

Like we have productized the engineering and architectural expertise in the form of a framework, we are proud to share this expertise in the form of an e-book.

SaaS E-book