SaaS Life Cycle Management Solution encompassing Architectural, Engineering, Business and Operational modules can save 40%-50% of your SaaS development efforts, and 20%-30% on your monthly administration expenses.


Building multi-tenant SaaS applications are not just time consuming but requires SaaS architecture expertise to address the non-functional requirements of SaaS. In the case of ground-up development first few months are spent only on building the basic building blocks. Moreover, many of the business aspects of SaaS are typically not considered in development, but can have a significant role in the success of your SaaS business model. This creates a huge load on the development team, consequently increasing the technical and business risks of the project.

Cello contains a wide range of modules covering all the basic SaaS building blocks, business monetization tools and operational modules. Using cello your development team can simply focus on building your product functionalities from day 1. Cello enables your SaaS application with all the necessary features to manage the end to end needs of a SaaS Life Cycle. Apart from removing significant load from your development team, which inturn reduces your risks, your SaaS application can hit the market in half the time and cost.

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