Power your Microservices with Techcello

Many organizations have successfully implemented Microservices to build their SaaS applications or have switched from a monolithic base to a Microservices one. With Microservices architecture, organizations can try out a new technology stack on an individual service with fewer concerns about dependencies, and you can roll back changes much easily if necessary.

By leveraging the benefits of performance testing, inter-service communication, fine-grained scalability, and overall agility, we have successfully implemented Microservices to achieve

  • Build a greenfield SaaS application
  • Modernizing an application to Microservices architecture
  • SaaS enablement of an existing on-premise application
  • Optimizing the SaaS Monetization capabilities

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  • The benefits of Techcello
  • The industry challenges organizations face with Monolithic application
  • Brief about Microservices Modules
  • The advantages of Microservices-based application design over a monolithic-design strategy
  • How we develop, deploy and operate our Microservices

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