Does Migrating to Microservices benefit your SaaS Business?

Are you stuck with your old age architecture and afraid to adapt to new technologies?

The rise of Microservices, a form of the service-oriented architecture (SOA) has transformed the way product companies operates across the globe. Microservices is a boon for Independent Service Vendors (ISVs), especially with the Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMB) market, as the solution offers a broader scope, smoother revenue methods and lowers the overall support costs incurred.

The webinar helps you to understand how organizations can benefit from migrating to Microservices. It highlights the need to move from a complex monolithic application to Microservices and as a plus provides you with valuable insights on evaluating the ROI of the transition. It helps in efficiently implementing the Microservices architecture irrespective of the nature of the product or the size of the ISV.

The highly customizable environment helps the ISVs to build or re-engineer their SaaS models depending on the product’s lifecycle. The primary success of this solution lies in the fact that it identifies, integrates and interconnects all the stakeholders of a SaaS process. An article on SaaS challenges says that “Only 10% of new startups will make it to the finish line.” Right now, there’s a sea of companies trying to stand out, but only a few of them do. Some of the areas that companies fail to look upon are identifying the target audience, saving resources, having a set of knowledgeable teams, right pricing, having a business plan, etc.

This wholesome webinar helps in reducing the operational expenses up to 10 times, increasing the trail conversions by 40%, reducing customer churn, implementation time and cost by 50%, increasing the product value & customer’s lifetime value and saving over 50% in the overall engineering budget. Let’s dig a little deep and look at the need of Microservices migration.

Key Takeaways:

  • Decision Framework for Microservices Migration
  • Expanded ROI of Microservices
  • Examples - Experiences and Expressions

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