Why Microservices adoption is crucial for SaaS companies?

SaaS companies are now running more strategic application workloads in the cloud, driving efficiencies in cost, scale, agility and the ubiquity of reliable cloud hosting services. Microservice-based architecture is the key enabler of this trend and rapidly becoming one of the top patterns for building new applications that scale efficiently and support agile development practices. The reason why it became so popular is that it heavily focuses on customer success, which is why it has evolved at such a fast pace year-after-year.

Monolithic architectures are not the best fit for complex cloud-based systems. Yet, more and more companies are finding out that simply moving and shifting their legacy system to the cloud does not sufficiently meet their needs. Their systems, built with a monolithic architecture, are holding them back from realizing their goals. Microservices architecture is a distributed design approach intended to overcome the limitations of traditional monolithic architectures. Microservices assist to scale applications and organizations while improving cycle times.

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